This page provide guidance on how to apply style to WePay developer documentation text (single column) pages. These pages are usually tutorials and reference articles that are not API call pages, which are in a multi-column format.



Certain items are emphasized in order to bring the readers eye to the item and also to differentiate terms. Objects and parameters are identified by highlighting them in a specific manner. Values (or the names of values) that form part of a name/value (or parameter/value) pair are emphasized in a manner different than that for the associated object or parameter. In a table or bullet list, the need for this is not always obvious, however this becomes a critical comprehensibility issue in paragraph text.


Before you can call the account/create api for a user, you must first call create the user with the user/create call. That user must have at least the following permissions:

  • Permission one.
  • Permission two.
  • Permission three.

The account/create call requires that you pass authentication token for the user who will be the financial owner of the account. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Proin eleifend eleifend ipsum, tristique tristique tortor ornare eget. Pellentesque faucibus auctor lorem, non hendrerit tellus imperdiet at. Phasellus rutrum vestibulum risus, ac tincidunt tortor interdum id. Aenean hendrerit posuere sem, vel ultricies justo pharetra vitae. Praesent ac semper metus. Nunc congue, diam volutpat cursus maximus, eros ante egestas nunc, id laoreet nisi est quis lacus. Curabitur fringilla, tortor at venenatis rutrum, nulla lacus consequat purus, vitae bibendum sapien sem quis enim. The type of the account is critical for purposes of vetting and risk, therefore you must be careful in selecting the proper value for type, the most common of which is business. However, a value of organization for type requires further vetting in the KYC process.