Connect Google Analytics


Before reading this tutorial, you should be familiar with Making API Calls.

WePay can send your Google Analytics account all the pageviews and user events associated with your App. This will allow you to monitor your payment funnel.

Provide your Google Analytics Account ID

In order for us to propagate analytics data, we need your Google Analytics Account ID.

You can enter your Google Analytics Account ID via the /app/modify call using the gaq_domains parameter. To make the /app/modify call, you’ll need your client_secret, which you can find on your dashboard.

API Call:

  • PHP
  • cURL
  • Ruby
  • Python

Monitor user payment funnels

If you’re a platform or marketplace and you’re creating accounts for your users, you can also send us their Google Analytics Account IDs, so they can monitor their own individual payment funnels. Just send us the Google Analytics Account IDs during the /account/create call (or /account/modify call) using the gaq_domains parameter.


  • JSON

Events you’ll receive

Your Google Analytics account will be sent all pageviews associated with your app, plus the following events from the “WePay Payment” events category:

Event Description
api checkout - iframe/onsite - start
Fired when a user enters the payment flow - differentiates between iframe and onsite
api preapproval - iframe/onsite - start
Fired when preapproval state changes to 'start' - differentiates between iframe and onsite
{object type} - iframe - start
Fired when object state changes to 'start' - checkout, preapproval, withdrawal or account
payment flow - iframe/onsite - error
Fired when a user sees an error - differentiates between iframe and onsite. Includes error message.
payment flow - onsite - switched from iframe
Fired when a user goes from the iframe to to complete their payment (either because they chose to pay with a saved payment method or we could not set cookies within the iframe)