mPOS Technical FAQ

These are FAQs that developers may have while integrating the WePay SDK. See mPOS Program Overview for a complete program overview.

Can the beeping sound from the RP350x card reader be turned off?

No, there is no way to mute the beeping or change its volume.

Why do I get a 1008 unable to save credit card error when dipping a card?

This error shows up if a non-magic amount is used on stage for dips. Try using $25.61 for a successful authorization and checkout. Magic amounts are documented in the SDK reference.

In rare cirumstances, this error may occur if our servers are having temporary issues.

Why do I get a 10023 This card is not supported error when dipping a card?

Make sure your app is configuring the SDK correctly before initializing it.

  • On iOS, WPConfig.useTestEMVCards must be set to YES for test cards, and to NO for production cards.
  • On Android, Config.setUseTestEMVCards() must be set to true for test cards, and to false for production cards.

In a production environment, this error will occur if the SDK does not support the card. For example, debit-only chip cards will return this error.

Why do I get a 10030 The provided transaction info is invalid error?

This error is returned if an invalid amount, currency code or account id is provided to the SDK during a transaction. The most common problem is having more than 2 digits after the decimal point in the amount.

Why is the card reader being detected on one device, but not on another (android) device?

It is possible that the SDK has not been caliberated for use with that android device model. Please follow the caliberation procedure documented on the Technical get started page of the Android SDK.

Why do I get a 1008 unable to find credit card error when completing a test dip transaction on Stage?

If you are using a magic success amount for testing dip tranactions, the SDK will ignore any errors returned from the server, and return a valid-looking token to your app. If you try to use this token to complete the tranaction, the server will reject it.

You can fix the problem by providing valid transaction info (amount, currency code and account id) for the transaction, so that the token returned is actually valid.

What do I do if my reader is not responding, even though its lights are on?

Your reader may have entered a bad state. Unplug it from your device or power it off, and wait for its status lights to turn off. You can then use the reader again by plugging it in or powering it on.