Process Payments Overview

Processing payments entails making API calls that facilitate payments from payers to merchants on your platform. This can be seamlessly done on your platform with two flexible options:

  • Embedded Checkout: You can minimize PCI compliance responsibilities and collect payment information within a co-branded iframe, or use a pared down option for credit cards only.
  • Custom Checkout: Your platform collects payment information within your own custom-branded form, and tokenizes credit cards for later use.

Embedded Checkout
  • Easy to implement.
  • Already optimized for high conversion rates.
  • Already mobile optimized.
  • Takes care of all of the validation for you.
  • Accepts payments from bank accounts and credit cards.
  • The content inside the iframe is not 100% customizable.
Custom Checkout
  • 100% control over the payment experience
  • You can use the credit_card_id to charge the card multiple times.
  • Accepts payments from bank accounts and credit cards.
  • Advanced options
  • You will need to make sure that you are not leaking credit card information.
  • You have to do all of the validation yourself.
  • You will have to design and optimize the payment form yourself.


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