Facilitate Withdrawals Overview

Facilitate Withdrawals to help the merchant provide required Know Your Customer (KYC) information so they may receive their money and withdraw funds collected from payers.

  • Embedded Withdrawal: Using an embedded iframe form, collect the required information from the merchant within your user experience
  • Settlement: Learn about WePay’s reserve policy and how the flow of funds works.

If you are not embedding the WePay KYC iframe or redirecting to WePay hosted KYC, you’ll need to display the following disclaimer to the user each time KYC information is submitted to your platform:

By clicking “Submit,” you hereby certify, to the best of your knowledge, that the information provided above is complete and correct.

Please note that this language can be modified, so long as the modification does not significantly change the meaning.

Here’s an example indicating where WePay provides this language in the embedded and hosted KYC flow:

WePay Certification Snippet

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