Merchant Onboarding Overview

Merchant Onboarding is where you seamlessly create payment accounts for the merchants on your platform. They can then immediately start accepting payments with little to no friction (depending on the option you choose). The two high level options are:

  • OAuth2 Creation: Using an OAuth2 popup, users can simply create a payment account with only four fields.
  • Custom Creation: Using the /user/register API calls, you create an account for the merchant literally behind the scenes. Then WePay completes account creation later through an email authorization from the merchant but the merchant can get going with accepting payments immediately.

OAuth2 Creation
  • The merchant gets set up in a single intuitive process and can immediately process as much as possible.
  • The OAuth2 flow requires co-branded user action before the merchant can accept payments.
Custom Creation
  • You can get a merchant set up on WePay immediately with no initial user action required, literally behind the scenes.
  • The merchant will need to confirm their registration at a later date.
  • Accounts created with /user/register can only collect $100,000 before being confirmed.
  • Accounts created with /user/register will be deleted if the merchant does not confirm and all payments will be refunded.


After creating a merchant account, your merchant will need to provide Know Your Customer (KYC) information via a WePay form or KYC API calls. This way, merchants can easily withdraw revenue after payments are made to their account(s). You’ll find this information in the Withdrawals section.

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